5 Ideas for Dried Flower Crafts

Don’t throw your flowers away once they start to wilt and lose their luster! There are tons of fun and easy DIY projects you can do with dried flowers. Spruce up your bath time with floral bath bombs or make a decorative shadow box for your home. These projects are perfect to do with younger children and are great for gift-giving. See how you can get creative and start putting your old flowers to use!

  1. Bath Bomb

Making a floral bath bomb is actually easier than you think. With baking soda, essential oils, citric acid, flowers, and bath bomb molds you can make your very own bath bombs!

  1. Bookmark

Every book is unique and so every bookmark should be as well! With card stock, glue, a few heavy bricks, and laminating paper you can create an artistic bookmark. Play with different colors, designs and textures to find the right look you want.

  1. Ornaments

With a hot glue gun, cord, your dried flowers and a glass ornament you can make beautiful decorations to hang around the house or on your Christmas tree. This craft is so simple and takes less than ten minutes! Some people even order a flower arrangement to be delivered to their house a month before Christmas so they can have plenty of time to make a tree full of handmade ornaments with the dried flowers!

  1. Coaster

This is a craft that everyone raves about. Cute floral coasters bring a hint of unique design to your space that you can’t find at home decor stores. This craft requires dried flowers of course, wood slices, wax paper and epoxy resin. Get your creative juices flowing with this fun craft!

  1. Shadow Box

Keep flowers that are special to your heart for years to come with a beautiful flower box. All you need for this simple craft is a display box and your dried flowers. If you want to hang the box on the wall make sure it isn’t too heavy or deep. Cherish the memory of your flowers forever with this beautiful craft.

Before you start getting your supplies together, think about what colors you want to use in your crafts.

Order a few arrangements from Barefoot Florist in the colors you like first. Then enjoy your fresh flowers until it’s time to craft!