Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have answers. Please browse our frequently asked questions. If you still have questions after reading this please don’t hesitate to contact us.


I’m new to Floristry where should I start?

Firstly, well done for letting your heart choose floristry. It's a wonderful industry full of great people and endless opportunities for creativity and heart-centered work.

If you’d like to dip your toe in the waters we offer short& fun workshops like ‘Fun with Flowers‘ or a ‘Flower Crown Workshop‘.

If you’d like to have more in-depth learning, then we highly recommend you start with either a ‘Floristry Foundations‘, ‘Floristry Intensive‘ or ‘Introduction to Floristry‘.

If our schedule doesn't permit these you can learn at your own pace with our new Floristy Foundations Online course!

As a beginner, can I go straight into the Industry Ready 1 course?

We recommend you do one of the above-mentioned courses beforehand.

So that means either a ‘Floristry Foundations‘, ‘Floristry Intensive‘ or ‘Introduction to Floristry‘, to have more of an understanding of the basic skill set and make your learning through the industry ready journey more rewarding.

If you have done any Floristry in the past and feel confident to start straight into the Industry Ready Course, we can have a chat about that option too. 

Alternatively, we are now also offering the Floristry Foundations ONLINE course, which would be a very good way to familiarise yourself with or re-cap on the skills you may have previously aquired.  

Do you provide accreditations or certificate 3 or 4 at Flower Design School?

Flower Design School is a non-accredited training organisation. We do not offer Certificates 3 or 4 in Floristry. All of our training is of an extremely high standard to a certificate level. The industry does not require a certificate in order to gain employment. If you wish to get an accreditation we recommend TAFE Murdoch, being the only RTO in WA.

All courses/modules/workshops are being taught on a high quality level, so you will get Industry Ready Skills and Knowledge, which will ensure you to become a potential team member at a florist or a Self-employed business owner.

There is a huge number of past students who became very successful and are well-known and respected Industry members.

Also, to get employment, one does NOT require a certificate as such, but have to show that they are capable of the tasks at hand and can achieve good results for the business.

It all comes down to confidence, application and motivation and a certain Skill Set.

As you progress through the Courses, you will find that there is about 5-6 modules minimum to complete to create a good starting foundation to pursue into the workforce.

These modules in the recommended order would be:

Floristry Foundations, Industry Ready 1&2, Bridal Basics and Creative Bridal, Corporate Designs.

Is private tuition available?

Yes it is! Did you know that private tuition can be an efficient and cost effective method of training?  People starting or currently running their own business, people who want their team to develop new skills and techniques, increasing speed and efficiency and for people who can’t come to our training classes – all find private tuition as a practical choice.

Private tuition is an investment into your own learning. We can target specific training needs you may have. The fee is $70 per hour for 1-2 people. You can order online here

Programs are exclusively assembled to meet your specific requirements and individual demands.  We instruct you on the latest techniques, promote interest and motivation, improve practical methods on sellable times and advise you on how you can increase turnover and profit.  Private tuition is particularly beneficial for florists and non-florists in country areas or interstate.

Private tuition is a personalised service where we offer a ratio of 1:1 training. You have the full and exclusive attention of the trainer who will be working with you to achieve your training objectives.   Please contact us to discuss your program and costs.

I want to become a Florist what courses and in what order should I complete in order to have the skills and competency to start working in the industry?

These modules in the recommended order would be:

Floristry Foundations, Industry Ready Levels 1 and 2 , Bridal, Corporate Designs.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please read our cancellation policy carefully. We always try our hardest to work with you but we have these policies in place for a reason.

We understand that sometimes, even the best-laid plans go belly-up, and you may not be able to attend your course or workshop! However, we lovingly prepare materials and lessons for EACH student, so if you can't make it, or need to cancel... please notify me WELL in advance in writing (my contact details are below). Here's how it works:

  • All Cancellations of any kind, no matter how late or early, will incur a $10.00 Admin Fee.
  • The more notice you give, the more likely you get a full refund minus $10 Admin Fee.
  • Any shorter notice than 3 days (72 hours) prior to the commencement of your class or workshop (last-minute cancellation) unfortunately means you’ll forfeit your full fee. OR if you wish to transfer the credit to a class or workshop later on, you can do so. Please give notice in writing only.
  • If you're a 'NO SHOW' (ie you didn't attempt to contact me at all) there will be no rescheduling and no refund.

Three great ways to contact us:

  1. Phone or sms 0422 581 540
  2. Email: or use the contact form
  3. Postal Address: 62 Sherington Rd Greenwood WA 6024

What material are provided in our classes?

Depending upon the class your trainer will advise you on what to bring in readiness for the lesson.  This is usually documented in your course notes as well as reinforced during the sessions.  For the first class of each training module, you will find your material requirements on your class list.

If you’re new to Flowers Design School Click here to find out about the Floristry Tools & Sundries we would recommend for you in this handy kit.

The team at Flower Design School are mindful of the cost associated with the flowers and foliage that our students provide for their practical classes.  We work closely with our students to ensure that waste is kept to an absolute minimum and that wherever possible, the materials are recycled and reused in other classes.   Students may also form buddy systems with others to share materials and dilute the costs.  We urge all of our students to speak with their trainers for help in this area.

Flowers/Floral materials aren't included in your courses. How much should I budget on flowers per class?

This depends on your own taste, your access and choice of hot-house grown flowers or field flowers and of course what access you have to materials in your own garden.

On average you can expect to budget approx. $40 per class.  Flower Design School will issue you with a student card so that you are eligible for student prices at the florist wholesalers.

We encourage students to source their materials from the garden whether your own, friends or family wherever possible.    Students with access to gardens should be able to provide approx 60 – 70% of the required materials.  We encourage this as it also gives a greater understanding of the botanical world.  Students who attend more than one practical class per week are encouraged to recycle their flowers to avoid wastage and maximise usage.

If at all possible we recommend harvesting flowers from your garden or with permission from other flower lovers.

Does FDS provide work placements for Industry Ready 2 students? 

Flower Design School can definitely assist students to find a workplace for their work experience as a part of the Industry Ready Course, but does ask of students to proactive in their search for work experience.

All students are required to do a minimum of 12 hours per 8 week block of the second  of the Course.

The times worked will be recorded and the workplace is required to sign and date as well as record the work that has been done for our records.

When is this required to be done?

The 24 hours in total are required to be completed one week prior to completion of the 2nd block, i.e. in week 20 of the Industry Ready Course.

Do I get a Certificate at the end of the course? 

Yes, you will receive a Certificate of Participation at the end of the Module/Course, given that you have not missed more than 20% of your classes.

Please not again we are a non-acreditated training organisation.

What if I miss a class? How can I catch up?

Should you miss one class out of your module, you have the chance to catch up at another time when the same class runs again and sit in free of charge.

This only applies to ONE class per module.

If any more sessions are missed, you can still catch up at another time but have to pay for the session (120 dollars) as per usual.

Another option to catch up is to have a Private Tuition with your trainer, which you will have to book in for. These can be fairly flexibly timed and may only require 1-2 hours as it is very specific and you have all your teacher’s attention and input.

The hourly rate for this is $70.00. You can book in a private tuition here.

Where do I park?

When you arrive at 62 Sherington Road you will see the side of the house leading onto Garfield Way. Along the hedge there is a fair bit of space to park off the street. Parking on a diagonal gives the most room for everyone.

The driveway is also an option.

You can always park right behind the VW Golf up to 3 cars deep.

Do not park behind the blue Holden Cruze.

Can I bring my camera?

Can I take pictures of other student’s work pieces?

This is under the discretion of the individual. Please check and get an okay first before taking photos of other’s work.

However we do encourage you take pics of your floristry journey!

If you take any photos of your work, please make sure to share them on social media and tag us with #flowerdesignschool or @flowerdesignschool so we can celebrate your outcomes with you 

Do you provide food/refreshments?

There will always be chocolate Tea, Coffee and Water will also be provided to you. If you are doing a full-day course we recommend you bringing a healthy lunch and perhaps some food to share! 

Please notify us ahead of time if you have any food allergies.

We are happy to heat up your food if required and also can store in the fridge for you.