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Name: Charlotte Bath

Course: FoundationsTestimonial: A fantastic course. I looked forward to it every Wednesday wishing for the follow-on class to come sooner. iris was a gem and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to begin floristry... I now dream in flowers!------------------------------

-------Name: Rachel HeatlyCourse: FoundationsTestimonial: The floristry foundations course was a fantastic first step to becoming a competent florist. It was full of new skills and knowledge, yet leaves you wanting to learn even more.------------------------------

--------Name: Ann SimpsonCourse: FoundationsTestimonial: I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in flowers. It is very inspirational and encouraging.------------------------------

-------Name: Sarana CahillCourse: FoundationsTestimonial: Iris, you are an amazing teacher who has left me wanting to discover more about floristry. I can not wait to start the next course! Thank you for all your knowledge!------------------------------

------Name: ChristinaCourse: FoundationsTestimonial: Iris is a very talented florist and an exceptional educator. She is really open and approachable and welcomes interaction to support our learning. I would highly recommend this course with Iris to learn foundations about floristry in a really supportive environment. The 3 hours is used up to the fullest!------------------------------

-----Name: Sharyn JacksonCourse: FoundationsTestimonial: Was a great short course to do to get a good feel for floristry. Because you choose your own flowers each week is so varied in the learning experience and you can challenge yourself and like the look of what you're making.------------------------------

Name: Vanessa Mannion

Course: Industry Ready 3/3Testimonial: I have thoroughly enjoyed learning with Iris at Flower Design School. It is a very intense, highly personalised, fun learning environment which allows you to learn the fundamentals of floristry whilst still maintaining your own creative style.------------------------------

-----------------------Name: Sandy HinchliffeCourse: Industry Ready 3/3Testimonial: 24 weeks Industry Ready Course was fantastic. I have learnt so much and thoroughly enjoyed the course. Thank you Iris for the exceptional training and sharing your extensive knowledge of techniques al done in a relaxed and creative atmosphere. For anyone interested in learning floristry in Perth, I don't look anywhere else, Iris is the best.------------------------------

Elementary European Design (EED)

“I had such an excellent experience doing the Elementary European Design Course. Iris is a wonderful teacher, so friendly and encouraging and approachable. The wealth of knowledge and examples of technique shown throughout the course made it is truly educational journey as well as whole lot of fun!” - Renee Botman

“I really enjoyed the EED Course. It helped me develop practical skills and was taught at a level that I understood having nil floristry experience. Iris was a very positive and knowledgeable teacher.” - Kate Belu

“I have a very busy lifestyle. FDS gave me the perfect way to relax, enjoy, learn and leave feeling happy. Eyes on Iris! What a joy to learn from such a vibrant personality.” - Allison de Lima

“Iris, thank you very much. I love all your courses. I think I become more creative” - Renata

“Highly recommend the EED Course for anyone interested in learning about basic floristry technique in an environment that is encouraging of personal creativity. Loved every session and want to do more!’ - Sarah Shaw

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my training at FDS so far and look forward to classes each week. Iris is an experienced, inspiring and encouraging teacher. I have been very pleased with my floral pieces and love working with beautiful floral designs and people. All the best of the future FDS “ - Leanne B

“Iris is a wonderful teacher for floristry. Her calmness and gentle manner was great for first timer with flowers. Everyone really enjoyed their classes and went home extremely happy. All the best Iris and thank you for inspiring me!! :)” - Emma Manger


“I have very much enjoyed the bridal course and its progression from learning the basic techniques to then using all the fundamentals to creating my own designs. Thank you to Iris for her patience and wealth of knowledge and skills.” - Simone Rees

“Tuesday nights will never be the same again after these 5 weeks of CREATIVE BRIDAL! Fun and light-hearted but challenging and thought provoking @ the same time! HERZLICHEN DANK!” - Heidi


"Iris has a wonderful reputation amongst the floristry industry. She is most in tune with worldly information and has master of expertise. I feel lucky to have chosen her school to have learnt through her. In my experience out of school I found a lot of employers will only employ from people taught by Flowers Design School. So that is the best feedback form hear.” - Emma Manger

"Industry Ready has taught me a lot about floristry but has also let me dig into my creative side. Really great course and a lot of fun!” - Rachel

“Iris was the most wonderful teacher! The classes were relaxed but so informative. I found everything we learnt so interesting. I have a huge respect for florists and the floristry industry after completing this course!” - Sarah Schwikkad

“Great course, I’m very happy, I have improved a lot in these months. Its great when a customer likes and compliments about a beautiful arrangement. Iris is a great! Thanks for helping me to get more confidence working with flowers” - Mary Ananeo