Brighten up Your First Day of Summer

Summer is pool parties. It’s spending time with friends and family. It’s eating melted ice cream while listening to your favorite songs. It’s the perfect time to buy beautiful flower arrangements to keep your home colorful and bright!

Summer Buds

Now is the best time to have these colors of flowers in your home. Use them as the perfect centerpiece for your picnic table, or send some to your best buds.


Roses, lilies, and poppies are beautiful in orange and great for the table! This color represents sunshine, creativity, energy, enthusiasm, and more. If you’re looking to liven up your home, these picks are the way to go.


Want to send a gift–just because–to the friend that makes your summers fun? Pink is a color of friendship and peace, and gerberas of this color are a great choice. Add some pink roses to show your appreciation of their friendship.


Of course, you have to have flowers that match the sun! Brighten things up with some yellow daisies to represent cheerfulness and show the purity of your home.

Flower Eats

Who doesn’t love a good snack by the pool or a sweet and sugary cake to help out with that summer figure? These edible flowers add a little extra flavor to your eats.


These flowers have a bit of a minty flavor, so they pair well with a summer cocktail or your favorite fruit.


If you don’t mind a slight floral taste, these picks are perfect for cake decorating and add a pop of color to your dish.

Organic Roses

Believe it or not, roses have a little bit of a fruity flavor, so put them in your choice of tea or even make a frozen lemonade flower pop!