decorating with flowers

Easy Floristry Decorating Tips

One of the easiest ways to brighten up your home is by decorating with flowers and plant materials.

If you have a garden then plant flowers which you can cut and bring indoors. By planting flowers that bloom all season long you can easily decorate with them until the frost hits in autumn.

Creating Bouquet Arrangements

Decorating with flowersTop floral designers are experimenting with creating tiered bouquets for your home and you can easily accomplish this too. All you need for your tiered bouquet are two glass bowls which can be stacked on top of each other. Then simply fill with a mixture of small and large seasonal flowers.  For example in the spring you can mix pansies and nemesia or forget me nots and use larger flowers such as columbine and violas.

First start by stacking your pedestal bowl on top of the larger one and then add water to both bowls. Use smaller blossoms for the base of the bowls and press the stems into the water. Then take your larger blossoms and cut the stems so they fit inside the bowl, simply insert these blossoms throughout your flower bouquet.

If you don’t have a pedestal type bowl you can use small individual glass bowls and place them around your home. If you are having dinner guests you could place small flower arrangements at their place setting.


To add a flare to your floral arrangements don’t forget to use some of the leaves which grow with your flowers. Peonies look wonderful floating in a small bowl of water. To keep the Peony above the water place a small ball of bubble wrap underneath it for support. Use grasses or leaves to add a touch of green to the bowl while decorating with flowers.

You probably have a variety of grasses growing in your garden and these can be used to make your dinner settings stand out. Simply use a grass such as maiden grass of about 12 inches long and tie around your cutlery and fasten with a knot. To add color to your setting pick a small handful of buttercups or daises and tie them into a bouquet as well.

Maiden grass dries extremely well and will keep for up to one year so you can easily reuse them over and over again. If you find the grass is getting a little brittle then spray very lightly with a little hair gel. Works wonderfully!

Decorating with flowers doesn’t have to be expensive. Try looking around your garden and use what you see growing. Hosta leaves help add a wonderful touch of green to indoor flower arrangements too.

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