Multicultural Wedding Flowers

Flowers and weddings go together like brides and grooms. Long before the elaborate floral displays you see at modern weddings, brides would use herbs in their bouquets as well as other wildflowers and plants found in nature. Just like each bride is unique, there are certain cultural aspects to wedding flowers that are also unique. The fragrance of wedding flowers will make the air fresh and also sets a stage for whatever is yet to come. They will help to add beauty to the wedding occasion by attaching the flowers to the chair and outdoor venue. Floral-designed seating could even evoke favorite memories from family members and provide soothing thoughts.  Jewish, Indian, Chinese, and Greek weddings are just a few examples.

Jewish Wedding Flowers

The Chuppah is one element that is unique to traditional Jewish weddings. The Chuppah represents the bride and groom’s new home and is often decorated with flowers.

Indian Wedding Flowers

The Jaimala or Varmala ceremony is a very important part of Indian weddings. During this ceremony, the bride and groom exchange beautiful garlands made of flowers. It is the couple’s first outward demonstration of their unity. The flowers that make up the Jaimala can vary but will always have a significant meaning.

Chinese Wedding Flowers

For traditional Chinese weddings, red is the preferred color for flowers. White should be avoided unless they are white roses wrapped in colorful ribbons. White flowers are traditionally used for funerals and are seen as a sign of death.

Greek Wedding Flowers

Floral crowns are currently popular with brides of all cultures, but for the Greek bride (and groom), the floral crown is more than just an accessory. Greek wedding crowns are attached with a ribbon and placed on the couple’s heads after their ceremony. These crowns are made with vines, flowers, twigs, or other materials. Ivy is also commonly found in Greek bridal bouquets because it represents eternal love and protection.

Do you know of other cultures that use flowers in a special way? Let us know in your replies!