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Rose Color Meanings

Rose Color Meanings: From Red to White and Everything In-Between

Rose Color Meanings: From Red to White and Everything In-Between

Rose Color Meanings

Buying a bouquet? Here’s what you need to know about rose color meanings. With so many to choose from, there’s bound to be a rose for any occasion!

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The flower business is one of the steadiest industries in the world, holding steady near $35 billion a year.

That’s because flowers are appropriate for almost every occasion, romantic, friendly, or congratulatory. You can even buy roses for a friend on their birthday, so long as the rose color meanings reflect your intentions.

For years, quality florists have grown (and lower quality florists have dyed) a virtual rainbow of different roses in every color.

Each color has a different association. Read on to learn some more about rose color meanings.

Here are the top five:

Yellow Roses

Some people have mixed feelings on yellow roses. They have a history of being given to someone who is celebrating a positive event.

In other cases, yellow roses are given to ensure someone that feelings are not romantic.

Give them to someone who you view as a friend. If this is explicitly known, a yellow rose is nothing controversial. If your friend knows you are sincerely happy for them, then there’s nothing to worry about.

Yellow roses can be given to someone who is in the hospital for a minor procedure or be given to someone you’re apologizing to.

Give a bouquet of yellow roses with this in mind.

However, yellow roses can be added to a bouquet for some extra accent. Try one of our classes to learn more about building a mixed bouquet with yellow roses.

Red Roses

These are the most obvious and loaded of all the rose colors. They mean a deep and true feeling of love. You should only give them to someone who knows how you feel and who feels the same.

Avoid giving them to someone whose feelings you’re unsure of unless this is your big moment of courtship. Don’t be upset if you’re feelings aren’t reciprocated. Red roses are a grand gesture.

Blue Roses

Dark blue roses have an interesting literary history as symbolizing the unattainable. They symbolize royalty, mysteriousness, and great worth.

Quality blue roses can be hard to find and so when you give them, know that you’re telling the receiver that they’re very special. Give them to someone who is enchanting and mysterious. The most qualified candidates will know who they are.

White Roses

White roses symbolize a sense of purity. They send a message of friendship with a hint of romance.

Giving white roses can show someone that you care or that you’re celebrating their new beginning. Perhaps that new beginning can include you, the giver.

Pink Roses

A pink rose can come in a variety of shades. The lighter the shade, the less intense the meaning is communicated.

A soft pink rose says that you feel romantic feelings toward them. Giving pink roses to someone you have romantic feelings for holds less intensity than red roses.

The deeper the shade, the stronger the passion.

They can also be a gift between parents and children to show love. Give pink flowers on the opening night of your friend’s big stage debut or art show.

Rose Color Meanings Are Flexible

The nature of your relationship to the recipient of your roses will determine what they actually mean. Be sure that you’re communicating your intention clearly.

If you’re ready to get some roses for someone, contact us today.

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