flower color

What Does This Flower Color Mean?

Flowers come in a plethora of colors and meanings. With so many colors representing a variety of emotions and feelings, it is often difficult to remember the different meanings associated with special flower colors. Breathe easy now! This handy guide to flower meanings by color will help send the right message for every occasion!

Red – Love, power, desire, seduction

Red has long represented true love, a thirst for power, intensity and desire, and passionate seduction. In nature, red is associated with heat, fire, and strength. Red catches the eye, grabs attention, and stimulates the mind. A dozen red roses arrangement is a typical gift between lovers. The “bloodthirsty” intensity and drive of a powerful executive makes a red flower arrangement the perfect gift.

**Red, pink, and white are common colors selected for Valentine’s Day arrangements.**

**Red and green are common colors used during the celebration of Christmas.**

Orange – Enthusiasm, energy, warmth, harvest, confidence

Orange is a very brazen color in nature. It is often associated with the fall harvest celebrations, warmth and energy of a fire, and chipper enthusiasm. Orange flowers make a bold statement and draw a large amount of attention.

Yellow – Friendship, joy, natural energy, brilliance, warmth

Yellow is the color most commonly associated with friendship. Yellow flowers may be used to celebrate a new friendship or to slow the development of a romantic relationship. Yellow is a vibrant color whose brilliance is often associated with natural energy and warmth like that of the sun. Yellow flowers stimulate feelings of joy and make excellent gifts for cheering up someone who is down or brightening the day of a loved one.

Green – Fertility, wealth, health, youth

Green these days can mean anything from environmentally friendly to financially wealthy. Green flowers represent all of these feelings from the fertility and fresh green sprouts of nature to the vitality and spritely youth of someone.

Blue – Tranquility, trust, peace, rest

The opposite of red, blue is a very calming color. The meaning of blue flowers is rooted in tranquility, trust, peace, and rest. Dark blue is also an elegant color that represents expertise and trust. Blue flowers are often sent to someone who needs a reprieve from anxiety, stress, or worrying. Blue is a very popular color in nurseries as it promotes rest and sleep.

Purple – Royalty, power, devotion, success, pride, good judgment

Even the great Emperor Caesar Augustus wore purple because of its strong ties to royalty, pride, and power. Purple can also represent good judgment especially in financial decisions. Purple flower arrangements are excellent gift ideas for women in charge or to send a message of confidence for a special boost.

White – Purity, innocence, fresh start, reverence, simplicity

Brides, babies, and angels of lore all wear white. This is no surprise as white represents purity, innocence, spiritual reverence, untarnished nature, and simplicity. A fresh arrangement of white flowers is a unique way to celebrate the birth of a baby, the fresh beginning of a marriage, and more.

Black – Power, mystery, farewell

Black is a mysterious color that draws attention because of its brooding and secretive nature. Perplexing, the mysteriousness of black also lend to its power and appeal because of such great intrigue. Alternatively, black can also represent death, dying, or departure and goodbye. Black flowers are not found in nature but flowers that appear black or black cultivars are very popular as over-the-hill gifts, sympathy announcement flowers, or to announce the end of a relationship. While black flowers are normally associate with negative things, recent design trends allow black to be used with other colors such as red, sprigs of white, silver-tipped flowers, and more to accentuate a room or accompany an elegant gift such as jewelry.

**Black and orange are used to celebrate Halloween.**

Brown – Warmth, nature, practicality, stability, dependability

Like orange, brown flowers represent warmth and nature but in an understated tone as opposed to the energy of orange. Brown flowers may be used in conjunction with the giving of chocolate, a new pet, or to celebrate a fall wedding or harvest.

Peach – Wisdom, appreciation, gratitude

A blend of pink and orange, peach captures the best of the meanings of both colors. Peach represents the warmth and appreciation of orange with the tenderness and romance of pink.

Coral – Desire, love

Coral is a unique color that represents love but especially desire. Coral flower arrangements are an excellent gift for revealing intense desire to a loved one but in a more creative way than traditional reds and pinks.

Dark red – Beauty, love

Dark red is an intense version of the romantic color and represents a bolder expression of beauty and love.

Pink – Romance, grace, playfulness, sweetness, sincerity

Pink is a delicate color that is often used in flower arrangements to express romance, sincerity, and a sweet nature. Much like the personality of a little girl, pink conveys playfulness, grace, and an adorable quality that is perfect for wives, girlfriends, or daughters.

Lavender – Femininity, tenderness, elegance, delicate

The softer side of purple, lavender is much like pink is to red in that it captures the intense qualities of purple such as elegance and lofty ambition but lends itself to the more tender interpretations of femininity, delicate nature, grace, and supple beauty. Lavender flower arrangements make excellent wedding centerpieces, prom flowers, and more when the graceful attraction of a woman is to be celebrated.