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FDS Spring Newsletter!

Welcome to the Spring Addition of the Flower Design School Newsletter


Dear Blossoms,

We just want to say one thing – Hurray for Spring!

I’m sure just like you you’ve had enough of the cold, wet and windy weather we’ve been experiencing in Perth the last couple of weeks and months. Whilst its great for the plants and our dams I have so missed visiting our glorious beaches and NOT shivering in bed!

Lucky for us it looks like the sun is back out and it’s a simply wonderful time to get out and about, perhaps do some spring cleaning and of course, do some more floristry!

If that tickles your fancy please read on 🙂

Flower of the Month: Irises

irisesIrises go back to ancient times in Egypt where they were immortalised in drawings as symbols of the renewal of life. This lovely flower is named after the Greek messenger of the gods, Iris, who was said to have golden wings and to travel on a rainbow. “Iris” means “rainbow” in Greek, fittingly representing the many colours of the iris flower.Where the Story Begins …

The worldwide success story of the iris probably began in 1479 B.C., when King Thutmose III of Egypt had conquered Syria, where Irises grew in great profusion. Thutmose immortalized Irises in sculptures at the Temple of Amon at Karnak, as well as in the gardens of Egypt. That is where their story begins.


The word for Iris comes from the Greek word meaning “rainbow”.


Upcoming Classes:

To celebrate Spring, September and October are busy with workshops and courses. It’s time to get out of the house and play with some beautiful flowers!Also this month we have started doing Kids Birthday Party workshops catering for up to 10 kids of ages 6 and over.

If you have an upcoming birthday or celebrations feel free to call us and book us in!

Upcoming Classes:

Fun with Flowers Workshop Sunday 23rd Sept. 10am -12pm
Kids Flowers Workshop at FDS : Friday 28th Sep. 10am -11 am
Introduction to Floristry Workshop Saturday 6th October 10am – 4 pm
Arbour Workshop Sunday 14th Oct. 9am -1.30pm

Click on the images to book in your class or workshop!
Flowers Workshop
Flowers Workshop
Flowers Workshop
Flowers Workshop
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