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FDS November Newsletter

Welcome to the November Edition of the Flower Design School Newsletter


Dear Blossoms,

The year is flying past and now there are only FIVE weeks to go until Christmas! Yikes! Time to start thinking about what central decorations should be about if you’re hosting Christmas lunch. You can create a beautiful traditional advent wreath or do something a bit more modern. The good news is we can help you with that, we have Christmas workshops that are close enough to the day to ensure you have a wonderful centrepiece for the holidays!

Even if you aren’t hosting Christmas, it’s still a good time to be out in the garden (or visit someone else’s if they are inclined) or visit a floristry nursery and luckily, it’s not been too hot yet. I’ve certainly been spending plenty of sourcing wonderful materials for the festival season!

Although its not been too hot yet, things can get pretty dry fast. Ensure your plants and flowers are watered regularly, take time to soak your oasis and top up the water in your vases consistently. This will allow your blooms and creations to last that bit longer!

The November birth flower is the chrysanthemum.

The brilliant yellow chrysanthemums are a symbol of the sun and also the birth flower for (no doubt) happy and sunny-tempered November babies.

Chrysanthemums traditionally symbolise compassion, friendship, joy. Different colours can also have different meanings. Red is for love, white means innocence, and yellow denotes unrequited love.

The name “chrysanthemum” is derived from the Ancient Greek: χρυσός chrysos (gold) and Ancient Greek: ἄνθεμον anthemon (flower).


Upcoming Classes:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for entrusting us with your Floristry Training needs this year.With the time away in Germany in the middle of the year, attending the wonderful Workshop with Gregor Lersch, this year seemed even shorter than usual.

The last few weeks will be filled with Pre-Christmas Preparation and our popular Christmas Workshops.

See dates and link to detailed information below.

Also, a Basic Bridal Class is on the menu 😉

For those of you, who would like to either brush up on their skills or learn new ones.
Info below also.

We are continuing to run Kid’s Birthday Flower Arranging Sessions and have been able to brighten up quite a few happy occasions already. Email us if you are interested in booking me in for a fun and interactive Kids Entertainment on your kid’s next Birthday. (Suitable to all ages from 6 years onwards.)

My Advent Wreath making skill will come into play this year, as I will immerse myself into the traditional craft of a homemade wreath out of conifers and real candles with fragrant botanicals.

If you like to learn how to make your own, I will run a workshop on just that on Saturday 1st of December, making it just in time for the first of Advent the day after.

FDS Spring Newsletter!

Welcome to the Spring Addition of the Flower Design School Newsletter


Dear Blossoms,

We just want to say one thing – Hurray for Spring!

I’m sure just like you you’ve had enough of the cold, wet and windy weather we’ve been experiencing in Perth the last couple of weeks and months. Whilst its great for the plants and our dams I have so missed visiting our glorious beaches and NOT shivering in bed!

Lucky for us it looks like the sun is back out and it’s a simply wonderful time to get out and about, perhaps do some spring cleaning and of course, do some more floristry!

If that tickles your fancy please read on 🙂

Flower of the Month: Irises

irisesIrises go back to ancient times in Egypt where they were immortalised in drawings as symbols of the renewal of life. This lovely flower is named after the Greek messenger of the gods, Iris, who was said to have golden wings and to travel on a rainbow. “Iris” means “rainbow” in Greek, fittingly representing the many colours of the iris flower.Where the Story Begins …

The worldwide success story of the iris probably began in 1479 B.C., when King Thutmose III of Egypt had conquered Syria, where Irises grew in great profusion. Thutmose immortalized Irises in sculptures at the Temple of Amon at Karnak, as well as in the gardens of Egypt. That is where their story begins.


The word for Iris comes from the Greek word meaning “rainbow”.


Upcoming Classes:

To celebrate Spring, September and October are busy with workshops and courses. It’s time to get out of the house and play with some beautiful flowers!Also this month we have started doing Kids Birthday Party workshops catering for up to 10 kids of ages 6 and over.

If you have an upcoming birthday or celebrations feel free to call us and book us in!

Upcoming Classes:

Fun with Flowers Workshop Sunday 23rd Sept. 10am -12pm
Kids Flowers Workshop at FDS : Friday 28th Sep. 10am -11 am
Introduction to Floristry Workshop Saturday 6th October 10am – 4 pm
Arbour Workshop Sunday 14th Oct. 9am -1.30pm

Click on the images to book in your class or workshop!
Flowers Workshop
Flowers Workshop
Flowers Workshop
Flowers Workshop

Floristry Newsletter, Courses and Workshops – Autumn Edition

Hello fellow Flower-Friends,

It’s getting cooler, the trees are changing colour and the rain is offering nature wonderful relief.

Autumn is such a beautiful time of the year where we can reflect and go inwards with ourselves.

11117206_1423706261268092_1150542972_nI for one, love to plant and sow in my back-yard and get rather excited about the prospect of harvesting herbs and vegetables and seeing my tulips and hyacinths bloom in a few month’s time.

It would be so easy and convenient to just retreat and lay back and let the cold weather ‘take over’ and let me get all convenient about staying at home all snuggled up, but you know what?

I feel so much better about myself and my life, if I won’t let the temperature out there keep me from my mission, my vision of what I would like to achieve!

So we could get all lazy, but we also could take this time of the year to charge up for the coming months, like the seeds in the ground, doing some work, without us seeing it really.

Nurturing ourselves, in my humble opinion, is also learning and devoting some time to ourselves and our own growth.

With this little bit of wisdom, I will show you, what Flower Design School has on offer for the coming months:

Upcoming Floristry Classes and Workshops

I am kicking off with a new workshop idea, where we focus on natural elements only to create things of beauty, to decorate home interior and outdoor spaces.

Crafting with Nature WorkshopI called it the “Crafting with Nature” – Workshop and the next one is planned for:

Sunday, 29th of May, 2-5pm All materials and afternoon tea provided.

We will be creating some lovely things, with twine, creepers and other botanicals.

Be surprised at how just a few techniques can change the way you will look at creepers and sticks in the future – Let your imagination run free!

With a price tag of $69.00 with nothing to bring along, but a whole lot to walk away with, this is pretty cool.

Book your spot at our Crafting with Nature Workshop here.

Floristry Foundations Special Offer

Floristry Foundations Course

Floristry Foundations starts on Wednesday 25th May 6-9pm

Also for those of you, who are possible still sitting on the fence of whether to get into some training or not.

Now is your time to get started!

This special starter’s offer is not to be repeated:

With every full enrolment of the Floristry Fundamentals 6-week course, you will be able to get a toolkit for only $90.00!! (valued over $120.00)

This offer is only available for enrolments for the upcoming course starting on:

Wednesday, 25th of May 6-9pm

Reserve your place at Floristry Foundations (and receive your special discount) here.

Final Special Floristry Class

Another Class, some of you may be interested in, will be a Creative Construction Workshop, coming up on the Sunday, 5th June 2-5 pm.

Creative Constructions Workshop

This is a creative and a little more advanced approach to construction with soft/bendable materials.

We are incorporating, weaving, interwoven and overlapping techniques to create dynamic, free-standing designs to be incorporated into flower arrangements of left as a stand alone pieces of art.

This is taking your skills and knowledge to the next level

How could this not be fun!?

We will work with lapping canes and soft branches, leaves and twines/wires to create something along the lines of a ‘Gregor Lersch’ structure.

Click here to book your seat the Creative Constructions Workshop

There might be something here, you are interested in, and I would be happy, if this is the case, but please feel free to let me know, what other workshops or one-off classes you would like to see us offer.

Just send an email to me and I will take it into consideration

Until we meet again!

Blossoms & Blessings


Iris Pich sig



Principal of Flower Design School

Call: 0422 581 540

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