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Top 50+ Flower Meanings

Did you know that there is a language of flowers?  In Victorian times meanings were associated with flowers and it was important to send the right flower for the right occasion. This was mainly done because at that time the species of flowers available was limited. Today this has all changed with imports of flowers worldwide. But it is still fun to know what the true meanings of some of the popular flowers are.

Flower names with Meanings:

Alstroemeria aspiring
Amaryllis dramatic
Anemone fragile
Apple Blossom promise
Aster contentment
Azalea abundance
Baby’s Breath festivity
Bachelor Button anticipation
Begonia deep thoughts
Black-Eyed Susan encouragement
Camellia graciousness
Carnations: Varies depending upon color
pink gratitude
red flashy
striped refusal
white remembrance
yellow cheerful
bronze excitement
white truth
red sharing
yellow secret admirer
Cosmos peaceful
Crocus foresight
Daffodil chivalry
Delphinium boldness
Daisy innocence
Freesia spirited
Forget-Me-Not remember me forever
Gardenia joy
Geranium comfort
Ginger proud
Gladiolus strength of character
Heather solitude
Hibiscus delicate beauty
Holly domestic happiness
Hyacinth sincerity
Hydrangea perseverance
Iris inspiration
Ivy fidelity
Jasmine grace and elegance
Larkspur beautiful spirit
Lavender distrust
Lilac first love
Calla regal
Casablanca celebration
Day enthusiasm
Stargazer ambition
Lisianthus calming
Magnolia dignity
Marigold desire for riches
Nasturtium patriotism
Orange Blossom fertility
Orchid delicate beauty
Pansy loving thoughts
Passion flower passion
Peony healing
Poppy consolation
Queen Anne’s Lace delicate femininity
Ranunculus radiant
Rhododendron beware
pink friendship
red passionate love
red & white unity
white purity
yellow zealous
Snapdragon presumptuous
Star of Bethlehem hope
Stephanotis good luck
Statice success
Sunflower adoration
Sweetpea shyness
Tuberose pleasure
pink caring
purple royalty
red declaration of love
white forgiveness
yellow hopelessly in love
Violet faithfulness
Wisteria steadfast
Yarrow good health
Zinnia thoughts of friends

The above are the basic flower meanings but some of these can be further sub-divided again.

Let’s take the popular rose as an example.

The actual shade and colour of the rose can mean something different as can how many roses you send to the person.

Red roses mean love, respect, courage and beauty. A dark red rose signifies unconscious beauty. While a single rose of any color means ‘I love you’. Two roses which are entwined is meant to ask the question ‘Will you Marry Me?’.

Yellow roses mean friendship, joy, gladness, welcome and remember me. A yellow rose with a red tip means ‘falling in love with you’.

Sending someone six roses signifies the need to be loved and cherished. While sending eleven roses tells a person that they are deeply loved indeed. Thirteen roses shows that you have a secret admirer.

White roses are known as bridal roses, while a white rosebud depicts girl hood. Black roses are associated with death and blue roses depict the impossible or unattainable. If you receive a thornless rose this means the sender loved you at first sight.

The world of flower meanings is huge and if you have any trouble speaking your feelings out loud then it is time for you to start sending more flowers.

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